The Young Believers




Jay Gerren


Jay Gerren


Kelsey Tanaka, Ryan N. Taylor, Eryn Moore

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The Young Believers story is the story of four Christian teens that are navigating through their senior year in high school the teens use God’s Word as their weapon of choice against the temptations that confront them. This is a remarkable film which promotes godly living. Four teens, Delilah, Leah, David and Luke, have known each other for years and they make a pact at the beginning of high school that they will not drink alcohol, do drugs or have sex before marriage. They are committed to the Lord but soon face challenges in keeping their promises. A boy named Jude dates Delilah and wants to take their relationship to another level. David is offered alcohol, Leah faces her parent’s divorce and deals with it by not allowing herself to be vulnerable, and Luke is tempted to play other kinds of music rather than music for the Lord.

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