The Greatest Gift Ever Given




Scott Hester


Scott Hester


Rich Henrich, Johnnie Walker, Heather Bash, Tiffany Walker

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Paul Hanson, a struggling electrical engineer, reluctantly agrees to have a last minute business meeting on Christmas Eve.  He assures his family he will be home for the Christmas Extravaganza later that night, but he finds himself running into numerous obstacles to make it to the meeting on time and back home to be with his family.  Now struggling and angry, Paul wastes no time at all to blame God for all of the current mishaps of the day.  God shares truth through the people he has encountered along his journey.  Paul has a change of heart and sees God come through in miraculous ways, even in the midst of all the obstacles.  With just minutes left, Paul’s airline informs him that they have a seat for him on the next flight out.  Paul finds himself with a better worldview than he started that day and is able to make it home to be with his family and celebrate the Greatest Gift Ever Given.

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