Sybil Ludington – The Female Paul Revere




Kim Robinson


Kim Robinson


Micah Morgan, Robert Copeland, Josiah Rizzo

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This film is inspired by the true story of sixteen year-old Sybil Ludington, who courageously rode over 40 miles through a stormy night to save New York during the Revolutionary Wary. Sybil is historically known as the “female Paul Revere” and is a wonderful example of courage and faith. Through this film we find the story of her family, neighbors, and friends, as they face the dynamics of the Revolution and lived their lives with courage, faith, and determination. This inspiriting story touches the lives of those who embrace it, as Sybil embraces her brothers and sisters and confronts the challenges before her. She stands courageously and boldly with determination, with her father, Col. Henry Ludington, as he faces the “price on his head” by the British. A movie that will inspire your family and the youth of today and go after everything before them with determination and courage.

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