Slow Fade




Ryan Anstett


Amie Anstett, Ryan Anstett


James Pendleton, Katherine M. O'Neil, Ted Pendleton

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Slow Fade is the inspiring account of Thomas, who, surrounded by influences of the world, seeks to find enjoyment and fulfillment in the things of the world. He is introduced to Jessie, who just moved to the area, and immediately falls in love with her. Life goes very well for a while and it looks like Thomas just might find the life he yearns for. And yet, in seeking the pleasures of the world, he begins to put up barriers in his closet relationships. Then, after discovering that his single mother and he are going to be evicted from their home, he takes matters into his own hands. In that moment of frustration, Thomas loses control. But not all is lost. The least likely man to become his mentor steps into his life. He shows Thomas a way out. Through advice and seeking the truth Thomas is presented with the opportunity to make matters right. It is not up to Thomas to take the lead and begin to restore his life from the Slow Fade.

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