Romance in the Outfield Double Play




Randy & Rebecca Sternberg


J.J. Randolph


Derek Boone (Tyler), Monica-Moore-Smith (Kenzie), Shae Robins (Tiffany), Shawn Carter (Brandon), Dan Fowlks (Chase)

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When Tyler comes home from an injury that could end his career and has him coaching in a high-stake game of softball, against Kenzie, a pretty face, and a feisty coach, where they have a history together. They don’t exactly hit it off in the game opener where she pitches him some love of her own, but in the game of love—competitiveness and love don’t mix. They must rekindle the love they once had and learn to forgive and forget leaving behind their complicated history. Love strikes in different ways when Tiffany, the iconic good girl is running away from her vows, and randomly jumps into Chase’s car, a free-spirited Maverick—who quickly sweeps her off her feet and leaves her questioning her faith and values. Tyler must choose what’s most important between a career and love, and Kenzie must let go and give him a second chance. Will he choose his baseball career over her? And will she steal his heart, or strike out in the game of love?

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