Red Big Fire Truck




Paul McKellips


Paul McKellips


Sam Taft, Lauren Peck, Ethan Kuhn

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Like the Academy Award nominated film BOYHOOD, this family movie is “a 10-year moving epic.” It follows an orphaned 6-year-old boy who lands at a halfway house in Northern Virginia, thrives in nine foster homes, and ultimately becomes the 16-year-old young man who wants to serve in the US military. His only Christmas wish in 2005 was to find the family he desperately believed to exist but never knew. Instead, he found something far more meaningful in the miracle of the RED BIG FIRE TRUCK. Oliver Grayson believed that if you made something out of a piece of White Sycamore wood that had fallen and was not cut, you could find a miracle. All he wanted for Christmas was a RED BIG FIRE TRUCK from the store. But when Mister Tom carved and painted a fire truck out of fallen White Sycamore for the 6-year-old orphan, the little red-headed boy found something much more magical. RED BIG FIRE TRUCK is a story about simple faith, patriotic dreams, and the incredible miracle of family.

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