Dying to Be Heard




Alyse Nicole


Alyse Nicole


Alyse Nicole, Jeffrey Scallon, H. Samuel Santiago

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“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8a). Rachel Angelo is a high-powered executive focused on climbing the corporate ladder, but when she discovers that she’s pregnant, she’s tossed into an emotional tailspin and forced to face a life-changing decision. Will she choose her blossoming career or give it all up for a child? Meanwhile, Jordan, the son of a Holocaust survivor, lies on his deathbed, hoping the story of his father’s escape from the Nazis will not be forgotten. Based on many true stories, Dying to Be Heard is a moving dedication to the 6 million slain in Europe during the Holocaust and the 54 million unborn children slain in America from abortions. Starring writer, director, and actress Alyse Nicole, this is a riveting and heart-wrenching film that underscores the reality of God’s compassion for every human life.

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